Evaluating Landing Page Quality

By , August 15, 2009

EngineReady‘s ConversionCritic web site helps you evaluate your landing page’s quality, measured by “Marketing Effectiveness,” “Offer Clarity,” “Readability of Copy,” and “Engagement with Visitor.”

ConversionCritic poses an excellent series of questions. However, the implication of the questionnaire is that a “yes” answer is better than a “no” answer, which is not always true. If you visit the site at ConversionCritic.com and complete the questionnaire, you’ll be given a detailed report that includes additional explanations for each question.

Here are the questions asked by ConversionCritic.com:

Marketing Effectiveness

1. Have you prominently displayed all available ways the visitor can contact you?
2. Is the company’s unique selling proposition (USP) clearly communicated?
3. Does the copy focus more on selling the benefits versus the features of the product or service?
4. Does the copy focus on the visitor (“you”), and not company (“we”)?
5. Are you comfortable that your usage of any attention-attracting features such as animations, video and audio do not distract the visitor from your main selling points?
6. Do you have an image that either shows your product/service in use, or depicts what the visitor will receive or how they’ll feel?
7. Does the image help draw the visitor’s eyes onto the key selling part of the page?
8. Is the page focused around one clear objective?
9. Are guarantee, privacy policy, and/or return policy prominently displayed?
10. Is the company’s logo placed in the upper left hand corner of the page and not overbearing?

Offer Clarity

1. Is there a strong, compelling incentive for the prospect to take action?
2. Is the offer clearly explained?
3. Is the main call-to-action above the fold?
4. If there is copy below the fold, do you repeat the call-to-action in a prominent place below the fold?
5. Is there a sense of urgency in the offer compelling the prospect to act now?
6. Is there only one product or service featured on the page?

Readability of Copy

1. Is the information displayed in a summary format using short paragraphs or bulleted text for quick absorption?
2. Does the prospect have the ability to easily drill down to gather more detailed information without leaving the page?
3. Is there a moderate use of white space to aid in the readability of the page?
4. Are the lengths of your lines of copy narrow to promote easier reading?
5. Are you using black text on plain white or high contrast backgrounds and easy-to-read web fonts in your copy?
6. Are you using bold text, exclamation points & colors sparingly, for emphasis only?
7. Are you using underlined text for links only?
8. Are you using no more than 3 columns on the page?
9. Is your copy left justified?

Engagement with Visitor

1. Does the headline on the page follow the same theme as the keyword phrase and ad creative?
2. Does the headline sell a benefit and make the reader want to continue reading the copy?
3. If you have a form, is it requiring only the absolute minimum amount of information?
4. If you have optional fields, have you clearly identified required versus optional data entry fields on all forms?
5. Are all data entry fields clearly labeled with examples if necessary (555-123-4567) and contain format validation with appropriate feedback?
6. Does it take 2 or fewer clicks to complete the desired action?
7. Are all images optimally compressed and does the page load quickly?
8. Have you limited navigation away from this page other than a privacy link and a link to your home page on your logo?
9. Are credibility/trust indicators apparent above the fold or near the submit button?
10. Does your action button convey the benefit, e.g., Download Whitepaper, or Get Quote Now, instead of Submit?
11. Does the action button stand out and call attention to itself?
12. Do you have a short compelling message immediately above your call-to-action?

If you visit the site at ConversionCritic.com and complete the questionnaire, you’ll be given a detailed report that includes additional explanations for each question.

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