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By , May 1, 2010

I am both a web publisher and an internet marketing consultant

As a web publisher, my primary focus is on providing “relevant and useful” content on topics that interest me.

As an internet marketing consultant, I advise merchants on strategies to increase sales (primarily  using “performance-based” marketing techniques, including affiliate programs and pay-per-click search advertising).

Earlier, I was an attorney. I also briefly explored a career as a teacher. Before that, I was a reporter, reviewer, and editor for computer magazines, and I co-authored a nationally syndicated newspaper column.

I created my first web site in 1996 to promote my estate-planning law practice; I later sold that site to another law firm. I also created a web site about “web site banner advertising” in 1996, which evolved into Adbility.com, which I also sold in 1999 (via eBay auction).  I’ve also created and sold several directory web sites.

I have lived in California since 1985, and in Alameda County since 1986.  After 14 years in Pleasanton, I moved to Hayward in 2005.  Earlier, I lived in Dublin, Berkeley, and San Francisco, California; before that, in Peterborough, New Hampshire, in Hopkinton, Westborough, and Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; and Port Washington and Waterloo, Wisconsin.

My email address is Mark Welch at Mark Welch dot com.

(Updated June 26, 2010)

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