Free Affiliate-Program Advice for Merchants: 11-Part Series

By , May 19, 2010

In November 2007, I posted a series of articles sharing my most common advice given to advertisers (merchants) who had hired me to advise them on the design and launch of their affiliate programs.  Below are links to the whole series in proper chronological order.

The articles originally appeared under my web site, but in May 2010 I moved them to my blog (  I’d recommend reading the articles in true chronological order.  (You’d see the articles in reverse chronological order if you select the “Advice for Merchants” category, or the archive for November 2007.)

Note that this series was adapted from earlier reports written for clients, and is thus written for an audience of merchants who already understand what an affiliate program is and how it might benefit their company.

  1. Issues That Might Lead a Merchant to NOT Offer a Public Affiliate Program (Negatives)
  2. Public vs. Private Affiliate Programs
  3. What Factors Do Publishers (Affiliates) Consider When Selecting Advertisers (Merchants)?
  4. Affiliate Technology & Network Choice
  5. My Usual Recommendations (for Merchants planning an affiliate program)
  6. Affiliate Recruitment Strategies and Practices
  7. Captive and Stealth Affiliates
  8. Affiliate Program Policies
  9. Outsourced Program Management (OPM) for Affiliate Programs
  10. Selling the Affiliate Program
  11. Types of Affiliates (Web Publishers)

One reason I’m moving the articles into the blog is to enable others to post comments.  While I don’t intend to re-write the series, I do expect to use comments to clarify topics, and to link to relevant discussion threads elsewhere.

2 Responses to “Free Affiliate-Program Advice for Merchants: 11-Part Series”

  1. Mark,

    Your article series here is STUPENDOUS.

    I can’t believe you provide this incredible resource at no charge; well, at least I’m glad I got here while you still do!

    Michael Werner

  2. Marketing Originals says:

    Affiliate marketing is something were are considering in offering as a service to our clients. You have some very good advice and resources. Thanks for your time as we are going through all of the information you have provided.

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