Hayward’s City Council Election (June 8, 2010)

By , May 23, 2010

I’m trying to figure out who deserves my votes for Hayward City Council, and I’m having some real trouble deciding.  There are only three serious candidates (for two open seats): Sara Lamnin, Marvin Peixoto, and Mark Salinas.

Three other names will appear on the ballot: Ralph Farias Jr., who seems enthusiastic but has no relevant experience; Steve Oiwa, who’s invisible to my internet searches and who’s apparently done no campaigning; and Lawrence Fitzpatrick, whose bizarre proposal to install a toll booth on Foothill Blvd. demonstrates his incompetence for elected office.

A reporter for the Daily Review (Hayward’s local newspaper) has thus far written profiles of four candidates (Fitzpatrick, Farias, Salinas, and Lamnin), and promises two more. [Added: Mr. Peixoto‘s profile was published on Monday, May 24.]

Unfortunately, when I examine the campaign materials, web sites, and other information provided by the three serious candidates, I can’t identify any reasons why I might vote for one over another.

Ms. Lamnin, Mr. Peixato, and Mr. Salinas have all devoted considerable time to serving the local Hayward community, including service on local commissions (each having held positions appointed by the city council) and for local nonprofits. All three have long lists of endorsements from very credible local civic leaders and organizations (some are listed as having endorsed all three candidates!).

As is typical, all three candidates have web sites which summarize their community service experience, combined with many platitudes, and identification of some current “issues of concern” to Hayward residents.  All three seem to have a clear understanding of many complex local issues, and all seem sincere in their desire to serve the community.

But none of the three serious candidates offers any specific proposals or solutions.  And after reading through all these materials, I have no sense of what differences exist between the three candidates. I don’t know what they might do, or how they might vote, even on the issues they’ve discussed.

I’m looking forward to learning more about the three candidates, so I can make an informed, educated choice about which two of these folks to vote for.


Added May 27: The Daily Review newspaper today published its endorsements for the Hayward City Council race. After dismissing Fitzpatrick, Oiwa, and Farias, and after briefly summarizing the other three candidate’s qualifications and experience, they wrote:

Peixto, Lamnin, and Salinas, are all well qualified to serve, but unfortunately, there are only two open seats.

“Peixto has seasoning as an elected official. The former budget analyst is also strong on fiscal issues that will be key moving forward. Lamnin has impressed us with her fresh perspective, energy and knowledge of the issues.

“We endorse Marvin Peixto and Sarah Lamnin for Hayward City Council.”


While I agree that Mr. Peixoto has more relevant experience, that doesn’t mean to me that he’s the best candidate.  The newspaper’s editorial board couldn’t articulate why they chose Ms. Lamnin over Mr. Salinas.

I’m still not aware of any clear differences between these three candidates that might help me make my own decision.

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  1. Mark Welch says:

    Someone tried to leave a very strange comment to this post; it was an immature attempt to make it appear that one of the three serious candidates was making immature, unprofessional comments about the other two.

    All comments on this blog are moderated, which means that I must read and approve them before they are visible.

    While I will allow anonymous comments that are “reasonable,” I certainly will not allow a malicious, deceptive “pseudonymous” comment that appears to be from someone who did not write it.

  2. branden says:

    Great blog. Helped alot in my voting decisions. I like Sara Lamin she actually lists her positions on her website, but I am having hard time deciding between Peixoto or Salinas as neither has listed any hard positions. Thanks again for this great blog.

  3. Mark Welch says:

    Branden, I have to disagree — I didn’t find any meaningful “positions” on Lamnin’s web site, certainly no more specific than the other candidates. Even after casting my ballot this morning, I still can’t perceive any clear factual basis for choosing any two of these three candidates over the other. Instead, it ends up being a very uncomfortable choice based on personality and appearance.

  4. Mark Welch says:

    Preliminary election results, as of Wednesday morning:

    Marvin Peixoto 4,375
    Mark Salinas 3,717

    Sara Lamnin 2,901
    Ralph Farias Jr. 1,441
    Steve Oiwa 1,106
    Lawrence Fitzpatrick 1,060


  5. Hello Mark,
    Thank you for writing this very interesting blog. The campaign was very tough and was very enjoyable. all the candidates, well most of them, worked their tails off.

    I ran as best as I could, being it was my first campaign running for a seat. I feel that I was a serious candidate. Maybe I did not have the same budget as my competitors, but I worked really hard, walking the precincts and meeting with the great people of Hayward.

    Our city needs good and hard working people who truly represent the citizens of the city. if you see or walk around the city , our city deserves better, from educations, quality stores, restaurants, lounges, boutiques and many more. I read in a recent blog by our current councilmen zermeno about what our city would look like in 16 years for our bicentential. It was a great idea, but why should our city wait so long to grow so slowly? We need to take notes from cities near by that are growing and evolving at a faster pace.

    Quality educations creates higher standards of living, also leads to more quality living environments. We need to slow down on opening the floodgates on section 8 housing, we need to unite the community and create more successful methods of creating community solidarity.

    If you look at danvile or fremont, one is smaller than us and the other is larger than us, in population, but you see events like the arts and wine festival (frmt) and hot danvile nights are largely successful and attract people from all around the bay area. As a person in the sales and marketing field, marketing is key to success for any type product. We need to have better strategy in how we make Hayward truly the heart of the bay and not just a catch phrase.

    Thank you for voting and lets bring hayward back.


    Marvin Peixoto 7140 29.52 %
    Mark Salinas 6200 25.63 &
    Sara Lamnin 4989 20.63 &
    Ralph R. Farias Jr. 2337 9.66 &
    Steve Oiwa 1759 7.27
    Lawrence M. Fitzpatrick 1655 6.84

  6. Mark Welch says:

    Can anyone explain why Mr. Fitzpatrick, who actively campaigned, still received fewer votes than Mr. Oiwa, who did no campaigning at all? (Note that Mr. Fitzpatrick is back on the ballot, this time running for a seat on the Hayward Unified School District board of trustees.)

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