How to Drink Less Soda (Can Caps)

By , March 20, 2011

I’ve recently started to use a very cool product: “Bottle Caps” (can caps), which turn an open soda can into a “bottle” that can be closed. It’s my answer to the bizarre economics of soft-drink bottlers who charge more for six- and eight-ounce cans of soda than for 12-ounce cans.

You simply snap the “Bottle Cap” onto an open can of soda (beware: it’s very difficult to open the can after the Bottle Cap is snapped in place).  After you’ve emptied the can, you simply push in the sides of the can, and the Bottle Top pops right off.

The two main benefits:

  • you can put an “opened” can of soda in the fridge, and it won’t be completely flat the next day; and
  • if the top cap is closed, and you knock the can over, it won’t spill.

Once I fell in love with the Bottle Cap, I found that there are a variety of similar products; “Snap Capps” appear nearly identical.

Here’s what I found today in the Amazon Marketplace:

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