Boycotting NCLB Testing

By , April 4, 2011

Here’s a list of “talking points” that Tim Slekar identified to explain why he (and many other parents) are “opting their children out” of the high-stakes testing, mandated by “No Child Left Behind,” that doesn’t serve any legitimate educational purpose.

I’ve rearranged the sequence of Slekar’s points.

  • Don’t wait for superman. You already have super teachers. Support them!
  • Accountability is code for blame.
  • NCLB is a system designed to “prove” that public schools are failures.
  • Participation in a system designed to “prove” that public schools are failing is unethical and I would hope offensive to anybody’s religious values.
  • My son is not a data point to be used by politicians and talking heads to “prove” that public schools are failing.
  • The boycott of NCLB is in support of public schools.
  • NCLB narrows the curriculum. This is bad because a rich curriculum supports learning.
  • The tests have sucked the life out of teaching and learning,
  • The system doesn’t measure what it says it does.
  • Tests weren’t designed to evaluate teachers.
  • Where are the experts?
  • A College dropout like Bill Gates and a second rate basketball player like Arne Duncan in charge of education policy, really?
  • The new reformers need to spend an extended amount of time in schools.
  • High stakes testing seems to only be able to predict socioeconomic level.
  • Control for poverty and our scores beat international scores.
  • Read Valerie Strauss, Diane Ravitch, Anthony Cody, and Alfie Kohn.
  • Research, evidence, research, evidence.
  • Finland.
  • Punitive systems do not work.
  • NCLB is a failure. Achievement gap remains.
  • We love our public schools. They are the bedrock of democracy in this country.

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  1. gmahin says:

    1. The learning process is part of life. Life is a test.
    2. Learning occurs despite some teachers and excels with others, therefore all teachers need a solid pedagogy foundation and then practice those skills for 12 months BEFORE getting a classroom!!! More teacher mentors!!!
    3. All learners get new skills through practice, not through testing.
    4. Teaching is personal, learning is personal and personally I am proud to have been in the classroom with all levels of students, parents, and other teachers.
    5. The goal is to provide a learning environment for ALL in the public school setting.

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