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By , April 6, 2011

Over the past few months, I’ve been pleased with the success of my newest web site, LessonIndex.com.

On January 1, 2011, I “launched” LessonIndex.com — which I believe is already the most useful and relevant directory of Literature Lesson Plans for K-12 teachers.

After gathering data from many sources and launching this version of the site as a “proof of concept,” I’m turning back to refine the ontology, database structure, and import scripts so I can expand the site to include resources for all K-12 content areas.

Some relevant links for my new site:

Unfortunately, I’ve “stalled” with this project, mostly because of the incredible “loss of incentive” caused by the probable enactment of an “Advertising Nexus tax law” in California. If enacted, the law will force Amazon and other out-of-state retailers to terminate their advertising in California, wiping out much of my advertising revenue overnight.

I’m still doing some organizing and planning work, and I’m making some major updates to the database that “drives” the site, but I’m only allocating a small part of my time and effort to the project.

Despite my ambivalence about the financial outlook for LessonIndex.com, traffic and revenue have continued to grow nicely:

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