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By , March 19, 2012

This week, I’ve started using to manage my “to-do lists.”  It’s a “web application,” which I can use from my desktop computer, laptop, or smart phone.

Last week, I spent several hours evaluating about a dozen alternatives, which fell into two general categories: tools designed for simple “to-do lists” which didn’t provide enough room for detail or notes, and “project management” tools that included much more functionality than I needed. definitely provides more functionality than I need, but it allowed me to easily hide the calendar and group features that I don’t need.  It also provides a very good “print view,” plus the ability to export all my work into a .csv file on my computer (especially important when using a free service).

What I needed was pretty simple: the ability to define several categories of “to-do lists” (personal tasks, work tasks, and blog-writing ideas), and to define individual items with the option to include longer text descriptions and notes in a separate field.  Most of the low-end tools I considered didn’t support multiple categories, or provided only a single short text field for each item.

I’m using the free version, which is limited to 10 “projects” and a single user.

The company provides several distinct ways to access the app from smartphones: in addition to the regular web interface, there’s a “mobile” interface (, which I like), as well as  an iphone-specific version (, which I found useless).

Below, you can see how the web interface looks, as well as the print view (this isn’t my actual to-do list, but a quick example I created to share).


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