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By , May 1, 2012

I just spent a half-hour hour tracking down an old friend whose 2005 email address ( no longer works, and I realized that I should create a single “email forwarding” web page that people who are searching for me might find.

Before the Internet was opened to the public in 1993, I used CompuServe and BIX  (the BYTE Information Exchange) , as well as a variety of online bulletin board systems (including FidoNet). My first internet email address was markwelch(at) but like most folks I soon dropped AOL. I moved next to markwelch(at), then markwelch(at), and then registered a domain name for my professional law practice, markwelch(at), before registering my namesake domain in 1997 and adopting the fixed email address which I’ve used ever since: MarkWelch(at) That’s the only email address that works for me today, and it will probably work for me for the rest of my life.

I’ve also used some other emails when working with specific internet companies (for example,,,, and due to Google’s bizarre history regarding management of accounts for its various services, I’ve been forced to create many different email addresses; please don’t trust that I’ll actually see email sent to any gmail address.

Of course, there are hundreds of other people named “Mark Welch,” so please don’t assume that I’m the “correct” Mark Welch that you’re trying to reach. I suppose I should expand this post to include lots of other past contact information….

My former web site addresses:

  • (sold in 1999)
  • (sold in 1999)
  • (sold in 2007)

My current web site addresses:

Places where I’ve lived and worked:

Wisconsin (1960s)

  • Waterloo, WI (early 1960s)
  • Port Washington, WI (1964-1971)  (South High Street)

Massachusetts (1971-1983)

  • Shrewsbury, MA (1971-1972)
  • Westborough, MA  (1972-1979), (South Street, Milk Street, East Main Street; Westborough Junior High School; Westborough High School, Class of 1979; PO Box to mid-1980; Miniature Toys Inc.; Welch Communications; Worcester Telegram & Gazette)
  • Hopkinton, MA (1980) (Mayhew Street)
  • Northboro, MA (First Security Services, New England Grocers)
  • Framingham State College (Spring 1980)
  • Amherst, MA (June 1980 to May 1983) (Kennedy and Leach dormitories, PO Box, plus sublets; University of Massachusetts Press; Collegian newspaper)

New Hampshire (1982-1985)

  • Peterborough, NH (summer 1982) (Wayne Green Inc./Desktop Computing magazine)
  • Peterborough, NH (May 1983 to December 1984) (Shadow Lane; McGraw-Hill/BYTE Magazine)

California (1985 to present)

  • San Francisco, CA (1984 to 1986) (Bay Street, 45th Street; McGraw-Hill/BYTE Magazine; InfoWorld/IDG)
  • Berkeley, CA (1986 to 1989, Panoramic Way, University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, Law Office Technology Review, Lawyer’s PC Review – syndicated newspaper column and newsletter)
  • Oakland, CA (July to December, 1989) (18th Street, PO Box, Law Office Technology Review)
  • Dublin, CA (December 1989 to June 1991) (Silvergate Drive, PO Box, Dublin Blvd, Law Office Technology Review)
  • Pleasanton, CA (June 1991 through June 2004) (PO Box, Arroyo Dr, Stoneridge Mall Road, Law Office of Mark J. Welch, Rotary Club of Pleasanton North, Tri-Valley Estate Planning Council, Pleasanton Unified School District;
  • Oakland Unified School District, Oakland High School (2003-2004)
  • Hayward, CA (Valle Vista Ave., Chase Ave.) (2004 to present, Current mailing address: PO Box 666, Hayward CA 94543. (Yes, that really is my mailing address!)
  • Other Employers: Hurricane Electric (Fremont), RenderX (Palo Alto), IzmoCars (San Francisco), MovieGoods (Los Angeles/Las Vegas);, Web Publishers’ Advertising Guide, Web Site Banner Advertising

Titles: Syndicated Columnist; Reporter; Associate News Editor; Editor & Publisher; Writer; Attorney; Lawyer; Student; Teacher; Substitute Teacher; English Teacher; Chief Strategist; Internet Marketing Consultant; Director of Marketing; PPC Marketing Strategist; Shipping Clerk.

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