Interesting LinkedIn Profile Skills (funny)

By , May 26, 2016

LinkedIn gives us the opportunity to list up to 50 “Skills” in our profiles, and until today I thought the most interesting and creative list of skills was in technology journalist Dan Tynan’s profile, which includes these:

Pole Dancing, Kitten Wrangling, snarkitude, Breathing, Sleep Deprivation, Prescience, Waffle Making, Navel Gazing, Confabulation, Sarcasm, Eating, and Sleep.

But today, I found Googler Todd Underwood’s profile, which includes:

Ninja Skills, Nuclear Proliferation, TV series, Criminal Justice, interyoing,Brunch, Abstract Expressionism, Third World Driving, interclouding, Locomotion, Molecular Gastronomy, Sauces, Psychic Readings, Political Asylum, Wine Tasting, Yak Shaving, Rhinoceros, Pork, Retaining Walls, Wikipedia, Cultural Awareness, Terracotta, Sandwiches, Wedding Cakes, Gazing, Getting LinkedIn Skills, and meta


My own profile includes only “Awesomeness” and “Common Sense” as unusual skills.

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