I’m not donating this year to charities that spent my money asking me for more money

By , December 12, 2016

Last year, I gave donations to a number of charities, and this year I’m donating again to all of the same nonprofit organizations except for two: the Alzheimer’s Association and the Alameda County Community Food Bank.

My decision NOT to donate to these organizations is based on the volume and apparent cost of their continuing mailings to me, asking for more donations. Quite simply, it appears that they’ve spent about as much money as I donated to them, on printing and postage (for US Postal Service mail) asking for more donations.

Several other organizations (SFMOMA, KALW and KQED) sent me more mail than I’d like, but not so much that I felt that my donations were wasted (both KALW and KQED reduced the mail volume, after I asked them to).

And like many Americans, I’m adding some additional charities to my list, to help defend against expected abuses by the new administration in 2017.

This year, I have donated, or will donate, to these organizations:

and more!

On December 12, 20016, I sent modest donations these additional non-profit organizations:

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