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By , August 13, 2010

My old list of affiliate-program directories, last updated in 2005, was very stale. I checked each of these Affiliate Program Directory web sites on August 9-13, 2010, and added some ranking factors and some comments (the sequence is roughly based on quality, with the best appearing first)

Affiliate Program Directories

  1. Associate Programs Allan Gardyne Allan Gardyne Pty Ltd
  2. 5 Star Affiliate Programs Linda Buquet excellent
  3. Clamins Affiliate Directory
  4. Green Affiliate Programs Ryan Jones Bee Nest Biz Inc. No privacy policy
  5. Sponsor Directory Pier55 Group
  6. Clicks Link Francis Colarik No privacy policy
  7. Affiliate Scout Sheridan Corey
  8. Rev Board
  9. Affiliate Guide Greame Eastman Mainz Pty Ltd
  10. All Affiliate Programs AffiliateBot? No privacy policy
  11. Lifetime Commissions Glennys Faulds Allan Gardyne Pty Ltd
  12. Ace Affiliates Romagna Media LLC
  13. Affiliate Directory Alexandr Anedchenko
  14. Affiliates Directory Clint Pheeney
  15. Global Affiliate Programs George Forsyth
  16. Josip Hoborka Skimpy
  17. Affiliate Summary stale
  18. Affiliate Programs Affiliate Media Inc. scammy, skimpy (paid listings)
  19. Thunder Affiliate Directory Rodney Dickson Joolrod Services Skimpy; no privacy policy
  20. Affiliate-Directory MoreNiche Ltd.
  21. Top-Affiliate Pinnacle Industries LLC Skimpy, no privacy policy
  22. Income Max Scamfree Ltd Stale content
  23. Affiliate Seeking Jonathan W. White Webfusionstale, spammy
  24. Affiliate Announcement Jules Bazley Webfusion/TMN Group
  25. Affiliate Base Webfusion/TMN Group
  26. 100 Best Affiliate Programs (crowded with ads)
  27. No privacy policy
  28. AffiliateBets No privacy policy
  29. AffiliateRanch Skimpy
  30. Residual Income Finder Curtis Kopeschny Skimpy, scammy
  31. P. Delinski Skimpy, scammy; no privacy policy
  32. Which Affiliate Rick Davies Skimpy, stale
  33. Ethical Affiliate Programs Oliver Hall Skimpy; no privacy policy
  34. Andrew Taran
  36. UK Affiliate Programmes Directory adBurst Ltd Skimpy, no privacy policy
  37. Affiliate Ranker Ayemo stale, skimpy content
  38. Affiliate Cash Directory BrazenMedia skimpy content; no privacy policy
  39. Webmasters Channel Cleon Media Inc. Skimpy, stale
  40. Jam Affiliates JROX Technologies, Inc. No privacy policy
  41. Affiliate Showcase Ken McArthur McArthur Business Systems Inc. skimpy
  42. Affiliate Key Neosys Consulting skimpy content; no privacy policy
  43. Affiliate Turtle Guy Edrington New World Trading Ltd skimpy, no privacy policy
  44. Affiliate Tracking Network TrackingSoft, LLC skimpy, no privacy policy
  45. Affiliate Tips Gambling
  46. Internet Affiliate Programs Mostly adult, gambling, credit; no privacy policy
  47. AffiliatePlan Skimpy
  48. Top Affiliate Websites Skimpy
  49. Affiliate Mount Yogendra Oza skimpy content; no privacy policy
  50. ClickAffiliate Maxim Skorniakov Skimpy, adult/gambling
  51. We Are Affiliates Boris A Drobachevsky Skimpy, no privacy policy
  52. Web Affiliate Directory Nick Ladd Skimpy, no privacy policy
  53. Affiliate Programs Locator skimpy, no privacy policy
  54. Nick Ladd Skimpy, stale
  55. Rob Galloway Skimpy, stale
  56. Sponsor Plus Skimpy, stale
  57. Affiliate Hangout skimpy, stale content; no privacy policy
  58. Affiliate Mantra Vikram Chandiramani skimpy content; no privacy policy
  59. Affiliate Online skimpy content; no privacy policy
  60. Affiliate First (stale, defunct listings)

Defunct Affiliate Program Directories

  1. [defunct] Best Affiliate Programs empty directory
  2. [defunct] Affiliate Guild (defunct – parked domain)
  3. [defunct] Refer Me Affiliate Directory Empty directory
  4. [defunct] Invalid domain
  5. [defunct] Affiliate Program Directory US parked domain
  6. [defunct] Home Business Search Parked domain
  7. [defunct] parked domain
  8. [defunct] Mr.Beo Redirected
  9. [defunct] Pro Affiliate Programs Site broken
  10. [defunct]
  11. [defunct] Affiliate Boards
  12. [defunct] Affiliate Directory Program
  13. [defunct] Affiliate Moolah
  14. [defunct] Affiliate Options
  15. [defunct] Affiliate Program Directory
  16. [defunct] Affiliate Program Host
  17. [defunct] Affiliate Ranch
  18. [defunct]


  1. ABestWeb Michael Coley iNet Interactive excellent
  2. Digital Point
  3. Amazon Associates Forum
  4. forum
  6. Webmaster World
  7. WebProWorld
  8. Wicked Fire
  9. A4UForum (UK only) good
  10. Affiliates4u Forum
  11. [defunct] Aff Community


  1. Affiliate Marketing Manager – India
  2. ShoeMoney Affiliate Marketing Joel Shumacher Shoemoney Media Group
  3. Murray Newland’s Affiliate Marketing Blog Murray Newland
  4. Fish & Clicks Blog Paul Wright
  5. Shawn Collins
  6. [defunct] Affiliate Recruiting Blog

Added September 2015:   Geno Prussakov’s list of affiliate program management agencies (useful for vendors planning new or updated affiliate programs):

5 Responses to “Affiliate Program Directories”

  1. Tammy Nozawa says:

    This is a wonderful resource for affiliate managers. Thank you so much for putting this together. A number of listings say “No privacy policy” – what does this mean in terms of listing your program here? Does that mean that they can sell your information to other companies?

  2. Mark Welch says:

    That’s such a good question, I’ve posted my reply as a separate blog post:
    Why Is a Privacy Policy Important?

    Note that for an Affiliate Directory (or any content web site), the presence of “essential links” like “Privacy Policy” is probably less important than “indicia of authorship,” or the name(s) of the individuals and companies responsible for the content. Anonymous content is much less credible than content with a clearly-identified author or editor.

  3. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the link. Tell me, with over 3,000 programs listed you describe Global Affiliate Programs as ‘skimpy’. How many would you like to see?


  4. Mark Welch says:

    I assume that I clicked on one or more of the category links on your site (and either saw few listings, or I recognized some omissions). Looking at the site today, it’s definitely not “skimpy.” I’ve removed that note and pushed your site higher up on the list.

    FYI, your “Google site search” appears to be configured incorrectly — when I try to search your site only, I see external web results, not any links at your site.

  5. Mark Welch says:

    Good list of affiliate program management agencies (useful for vendors planning new or updated affiliate programs):

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