Google’s AdWords ‘Interest’ Targeting

By , November 1, 2013

I’ve long wondered how Google evaluates a person’s “interests” in order to display advertising that’s not displayed “in context.”

I think Google’s algorithms need tweaking, because¬†Google has an unreasonably long memory regarding my “interests.” Read more »

WordPress 3.7 Adds Automatic Updates: A Great Idea, But …

By , October 25, 2013

WordPress has just released version 3.7 of its blogging platform, and many folks will be pleased and relieved that they’ve added automatic updates to the software. ¬†I certainly was happy about it, but … Read more »

In Praise of

By , September 18, 2013 is an awesome web site: it analyzes your web site and provides detailed suggestions for how to improve the page-load time; this is incredibly useful when trying to diagnose the issue, “why is my web site loading to slowly?”

Note that there are multiple tabs with information: make sure to click on the “YSlow” and “Timeline” tabs to see more information.

Here are screen shots showing the information for this site ( Read more »

When Is an Ecommerce Web Site “Unacceptably” Slow?

By , December 26, 2012

While reading Internet Retailer’s December 2012 profile of its chosen “Top 100″ ecommerce web sites (, I was confused by its “Speed” ratings for the sites. Each web site was evaluated based on its page-load time, and 33 of the 100 sites were rated “unacceptable.”

The idea that many web sites succeed despite slow load times isn’t a surprise. What confused me was the scale used by Internet Retailer in assigning its speed ratings: Read more »

Brown unLike Me, by Emmanuel Ortiz

By , November 11, 2012

When I first saw this poetry “chapbook,” I felt a faint glimmer of recognition at the author’s name, which clicked into place when I found the poem, “A Moment of Silence,” at the end of the book.

“A Moment of Silence” is one of those poems that draws a sharp reaction from nearly everyone who reads it. Read more »

Speaking Honestly: Richard Mourdock’s Beliefs

By , November 6, 2012

Am I really the only liberal pro-choice atheist who respects and even applauds Richard Mourdock’s heartfelt statement about his belief that abortion is wrong even in the case of rape? Read more »

Voting, November 2012

By , November 6, 2012

I was surprised at several things about voting this morning. First, since I’ve moved, I have a new polling place, at an elementary school. There was very little signage Read more »

Pen Screwdrivers

By , September 23, 2012

Pen Screwdrivers (Amazon Wish List)

Don’t Try to Force Your Tools On Me!

By , August 15, 2012

Over the years, I’ve encountered lots of people who are so enamored of a tool (software or web app) that they insist that I use their chosen tool to interact with them, even at the most basic level. The most recent example I’ve encountered is Google Calendar Read more »

SEO: Understanding Audience and Purpose(s)

By , August 12, 2012

I don’t write much about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), despite its importance to the success of every web business. That’s because I view SEO as an integral part of every aspect of online marketing — it just isn’t a discrete function that can be managed separately. SEO is holistic.

I’ve intentionally written only in very simplistic terms about SEO: “Be Relevant and Useful” and “Common-Sense SEO.” Today, I want to emphasize the importance of audience and purpose in SEO and web marketing.

Read more »

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