Category: Web Advertising 1997 For Sale (1999)

By , October 7, 1999

After building my “Web Site Banner Advertising” site for more than three years, I listed the site for sale on eBay.  It sold for $168,800. Read more »

Web Advertising Lingo

By , July 1, 1998

(July 1998) Unfortunately, in the emerging industries arising from internet commerce, no one has the authority to fix specific or single meanings to common new terms.  Accordingly, I would like to offer my opinions as to the meanings of certain terms relevant to Web Advertising. Read more »

Boycott Barnes and Noble (spam)

By , August 5, 1997

Boycott all Spammers! Read more »

Broadcast Fax and Junk Email Illegal

By , May 25, 1997

Under United States law, it is unlawful “to use any telephone facsimile machine, computer, or other device to send an unsolicited advertisement” to any “equipment which has the capacity (A) to transcribe text or images (or both) from an electronic signal received over a regular telephone line onto paper.” Read more »

The Ad Network of the Future

By , April 13, 1997

I wrote this article in April 1997, in response to problems I perceived in existing advertising networks. Read more »

How to Make Money from Web Site Banner Advertising

By , March 30, 1997

I wrote this article in 1996-1997 for an audience of “web publishers” seeking revenue from their web sites. Read more »

Web Ad Networks: Pooled Ad Programs, Brokers, and Banner Exchanges

By , March 24, 1997

I created this outline of “web advertising” issues in March 1997, for inclusion in the program materials for an industry conference where I was a featured speaker.  It is written primarily for an audience of advertisers (merchants) and people in the advertising industry. Read more »

The Commonwealth Network

By , March 4, 1997

This was my evaluation (in March 1997) of “The Commonwealth Network,” the first broad-reach web-site banner advertising network.  Read more »

Creating a Lawyer’s Web Site

By , February 17, 1997

What Results Have I Obtained from My Web Site? Read more »

The Weekend IBM.NET Almost Died

By , January 20, 1997

How A Revenge Spammer Abused IBM.NET — The “El Cheepo” / “Thinning Hair” (Yuri Rutman) Spams Read more »

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