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Another startup nightmare: by Penny Kim

By , September 6, 2016

An excellent “experience story” about a nightmare startup:

“I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup” (Penny Kim):  Read more »

Unicorn Startups: The Rules Don’t Apply to Us

By , May 9, 2016

Excellent article about a “unicorn” startup: “Zenefits Was the Perfect Startup. Then It Self-DisruptedWhat happened when an HR firm had some epic HR problems” ( in Bloomberg, by Claire Suddath and Eric Newcomer.

Like some other “unicorns” in recent years, Zenefits decided that the rules didn’t apply to its company: in this case, state-by-state licensing requirements when selling insurance, and the training and compliance requirements for such sales. Read more »


By , April 6, 2011

Over the past few months, I’ve been pleased with the success of my newest web site, Read more »

Test, test, and test your web site again!

By , January 9, 2011

Always test, test, test whenever you make any change to your web site. Read more »


By , January 5, 2011

In late October, an unexpected phone call revived my interest in the subject of “lesson plan resources for teachers.”  The first result of that inspiration is my newest web site, at Read more »

Product Categorization (Taxonomy, Ontology)

By , October 27, 2010

Creating the right structure of categories and attributes for the products in your online store is a critical step that many online merchants ignore. Read more »

Perverse Incentives

By , May 7, 2010

“Perverse incentives” is a phrase I seem to use quite often, lately. We create (or accept) the perverse incentives that create the perverse outcomes we detest. Read more »

From Idea to Product: Lots of Work

By , July 30, 2009

I just finished a very interesting conversation with a nice, articulate young man who had sought my marketing advice.  Unfortunately, I quickly determined that he didn’t need marketing help — he needed legal and practical advice regarding intellectual property (patent & trademark law), import/export law and practices, and business planning. Read more »

The MouseDriver Chronicles (Lusk & Harrison)

By , February 2, 2002

Another “Must Read” Book for Entrepreneurs, and a “Good Read” for the Rest of Us Read more »

Dot.Bomb (J. David Kuo)

By , October 26, 2001

(October 26, 2001) I read a great book today, cover-to-cover, and I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wonders what really happened in the dot-com explosion and collapse.  Indeed, I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested in business; heck, I recommend it to anyone, period.

The book is called “Dot.Bomb ” (beware, it’s one of two books released this fall with the same title). The full title is “Dot.Bomb: My Days and Nights at an Internet Goliath,” by J. David Kuo. (I decided to buy the book after reading a brief comment about it in the fall issue of Brill’s Content magazine.) Read more »

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