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Interesting LinkedIn Profile Skills (funny)

By , May 26, 2016

LinkedIn gives us the opportunity to list up to 50 “Skills” in our profiles, and until today I thought the most interesting and creative list of skills was in technology journalist Dan Tynan’s profile, which includes these:

Pole Dancing, Kitten Wrangling, snarkitude, Breathing, Sleep Deprivation, Prescience, Waffle Making, Navel Gazing, Confabulation, Sarcasm, Eating, and Sleep.

But today, I found Googler Todd Underwood’s profile, which includes:

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“The [Charlie Hebdo] murderers cannot be allowed for a single moment to think that their strategy can succeed.”

By , January 10, 2015

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Ross Douthat wrote in his column, “The Blasphemy We Need,” in The New York Times:

The kind of blasphemy that Charlie Hebdo engaged in had deadly consequences, as everyone knew it could … and that kind of blasphemy is precisely the kind that needs to be defended, because it’s the kind that clearly serves a free society’s greater good.

If a large enough group of someones is willing to kill you for saying something, then it’s something that almost certainly needs to be said….

When offenses are policed by murder, that’s when we need more of them, not less, because the murderers cannot be allowed for a single moment to think that their strategy can succeed.


WordPress 3.7 Adds Automatic Updates: A Great Idea, But …

By , October 25, 2013

WordPress has just released version 3.7 of its blogging platform, and many folks will be pleased and relieved that they’ve added automatic updates to the software.  I certainly was happy about it, but … Read more »

As Expected, Amazon Terminated Its California “Associates” (including me)

By , June 30, 2011

As expected, yesterday terminated its advertising relationship with 25,000 California web publishers, including me, after Gov. Brown signed an “Advertising-Nexus Tax Law,” which would use advertising relationships as a “hook” to try to force Amazon and other out-of-state retailers to collect California Sales Tax.  I’ve posted separately about this on my separate blog for

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Google’s “Farmer” Algorithm Update (Panda)

By , March 5, 2011

There’s been a flurry of SEO-related commentary over the past week, discussing Google’s most recent algorithm adjustments, which changed the results for about 12% of all search queries.  Internally, Google calls this the “Panda” update, but most observers call it the “Farmer update” for its impact on “content farms.”

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By , January 5, 2011

In late October, an unexpected phone call revived my interest in the subject of “lesson plan resources for teachers.”  The first result of that inspiration is my newest web site, at Read more »

Why Is a Privacy Policy Important?

By , November 10, 2010

A reader asked why I pointed out that certain directory sites lacked a privacy policy, in my “Affiliate Program Directories” page.

A privacy policy is one of the most basic requirements for any professional web site. If a web site doesn’t have a conspicuous link to a privacy policy, it simply isn’t very professional, and is less trustworthy. Read more »

New Blog Interface for Smartphones

By , June 23, 2010

I’ve installed a plug-in called WPtouch, which adds a “mobile interface” for visitors who use a touch-based smartphone (such as an Apple iPhone, Google Android, or Palm Pre). Read more »

Asserting the Right to Remain Silent (Media Fairness)

By , June 1, 2010

While scanning the Google News headlines this morning, I thought something momentous had happened: according to the headlines, the U.S. Supreme Court had limited a suspect’s “right to remain silent” (Berghuis v. Thompkins).

Instead, I quickly recognized that some of the headlines were deceptive, as reporters sought to churn a minor clarification into a major story. Read more »

What’s Destroying Newspapers?

By , May 28, 2010

Earlier this week, I found myself wondering why my local newspaper’s web site is so awful. Of course, it’s not just my newspaper: the entire print-media publishing industry has been struggling for 15+ years to figure out “the right way” to publish online. Meanwhile, newspapers and magazines are dying. Read more »

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