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North Carolina’s Advertising-Nexus Sales Tax Law

By , July 29, 2009

It now appears almost certain that North Carolina will become the third state (after New York and Rhode Island) to enact a blatantly unconstitutional “Advertising-Nexus” law, attempting to force out-of-state merchants to collect sales tax if they pay in-state web publishers for advertising.  Although Amazon responded to New York’s secret, retroactive enactment of the law in 2008 by collecting sales taxes from New York residents, the laws are having perverse effects in Rhode Island and North Carolina. Read more »

Should All Merchants Adopt the “New York Solution” (Advertising-Nexus Tax Laws)

By , July 9, 2009

Okay, I’m going to leap out on a ledge and suggest something that none of us (in the “affiliate marketing” community) like: Merchants should seriously consider adopting the “New York Solution” for all of their web publishers, whether located in an “Advertising-Nexus” state or not. Read more »

California’s Amazon Tax: AB 178, Sales Tax, and Web Publishers

By , February 28, 2009

California is considering a bill which would effectively terminate advertising by out-of-state merchants on web publications owned by Californians. Read more »

What to Call It? “Amazon Tax” or “Advertising-Nexus Tax Law”

By , January 7, 2009

What should we (web publishers, merchants, and others in the affiliate-marketing industry) call the unconstitutional law which NY enacted (and which RI, NC, HI, CA, TN, CT, and MN are considering)? Read more »

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