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Amazon Goes Wild! (On My Credit Card, for MP3 & Kindle items)

By , April 25, 2012

Check your credit card statements for any improper charges by Amazon!

I just found a series of unexpected small transactions from Amazon on my credit card.

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Q: Places that List Free eBooks (Kindle or other)? How to improve these services?

By , April 10, 2012

Please help me!  I’ve been using several resources to identify free Kindle eBooks, but I’m not very satisfied with them.  If you’ve searched for free eBooks, what resources have you used? What features or functions have your found most helpful, and what features are functions would make a resource more useful or helpful for you? Read more »

Amazon’s Frustrating Kindle eBook Pricing

By , April 3, 2012

A quick observation about Amazon’s book pricing: While the Kindle price for a book is generally less than the “new book” price from Amazon itself when a book is first released, the price never seems to go down.  Thus, for most books, the Kindle price never seems very attractive:

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Why Amazon’s Kindle Software Sucks

By , March 20, 2012

Amazon has intentionally “crippled” its Kindle and Cloud Reader software for non-Kindle devices: the software doesn’t allow consumers to organize books in any way. As a result, enthusiastic readers who opt to acquire many dozens or hundreds of ebooks quickly find their collections to be completely unmanageable.

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R.I.P., Original iPhone

By , February 15, 2012

Over the past year, my “original iPhone” has lost more and more functionality, and today I realized that it’s time to pull the plug.

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Joomla 1.5: A User’s Guide (Barry North)

By , July 24, 2009

July 24, 2009 — Last week, I researched a number of options for “content management systems” and decided to try Joomla. Read more »

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