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The Legacy: Terrorism and Deception

By , August 10, 2006

August 10, 2006 This morning, I read news reports of a “foiled terrorist plot” in London. My response: disbelief.

But this is not the disbelief that comes during the first moments of a bad situation, the “denial” phase of a process of adjustment. No, this is plain and simple disbelief. I believe that my American goverment, and the government of Great Britain, are deliberately lying and distorting the truth for political gain. Read more »

Terrorism in America

By , October 15, 2001

October 15, 2001 A month after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, I remain somewhat numb and confused, but my outrage is starting to take root.

My outrage is not at the criminals who sought to bring terror to daily American life, but at the Americans who have accepted terror and violence as proper responses. Read more »

Public Surveillance Cameras

By , October 15, 2001

During my first vacation to Europe in early September, one of the things I noticed was the conspicuous presence of thousands of surveillance cameras in public places. Whether for general anti-crime or specifically aimed at terrorist campaigns, these cameras seemed to be everywhere. Read more »

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