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Evaluating Landing Page Quality

By , August 15, 2009

EngineReady‘s ConversionCritic web site helps you evaluate your landing page’s quality, measured by “Marketing Effectiveness,” “Offer Clarity,” “Readability of Copy,” and “Engagement with Visitor.”

ConversionCritic poses an excellent series of questions. However, the implication of the questionnaire is that a “yes” answer is better than a “no” answer, which is not always true. If you visit the site at and complete the questionnaire, you’ll be given a detailed report that includes additional explanations for each question. Read more »

“I Need a Web Site” Ads

By , July 29, 2009

I’ve been finding some very bizarre Craigslist ads in the “gigs” section lately.

I’m not seeking work as a programmer, web developer, or web site designer, but I often peek at some of these ads when the title seems . . . incomplete.  It’s often good for a laugh. Read more »

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