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Avoiding Web-Advertising Scams

By , August 2, 2009

Today, a web publisher posted a message on the ABestWeb forum, complaining about a specific advertiser who’d defaulted on a payment promise of $40,000.  This isn’t new, nor is it unique to online advertising: advertisers default on payment promises every single day. However, there are some strategies that web publishers can use to evaluate an advertiser. Read more »

Using Google AdSense Wisely

By , August 1, 2009

Google AdSense is almost never the best way to monetize a site; most web sites can earn more from other advertising options.

But I almost always recommend using AdSense as the first advertising solution for new web publications (sites).  The reasons are simple: Read more »

Affiliate Program Directories

By , July 21, 2005

My 2005 list of Affiliate Program Directories was quite dated and useless, so I’ve updated the list and assigned it a special page on my site:

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